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Thanks for mentioning my "VDC FLI". As mentioned on CSDB in the production notes, this mode originated in the "Risen from Oblivion"-demo. With a lower vertical resolution or better timing it should be possible to do exactly 60 or 50 Hz in that mode, but calculating this with the necessary register-switch is a challenge on its own.

Too bad the REU can't access the VDC-registers and DMA only works in 1 Mhz-mode as mentioned in the REU-manual. Emulators are still catching up regarding VDC . Z64K should be the best one in that regard as you probably know.

I know the 128-version of "Attack of the PETSCII-robots" uses MMU zero-page relocation as well. And then there is the "Andropolis"-demo "Doomstage"-demo part that uses 2 Mhz as well as MMU-zero-page-relocation for speed-up.

Will have to take a much closer look at this game :-) Thanks for keeping C128 alive.

Thank you for your kind comment. We hope that this game will be also a trigger and a good test-case for the emu developers to update the VDC support. Let us know what do you think after you take a closer look. Any speed improvement ideas (or any other) are always welcomed.