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I quickly went through the other comments and I think nobody made this point yet.

Hidden beyond the surface of a nice little game, there are lessons to be learnt on human biases. Rationalisation is one of them. Also how with the same set of evidence one can construct many different stories and be convinced(deluded?) that they are the (sole?) correct explanation. Most people are wired in a way that once an answer/cause is found, no matter how implausible it may be, they stop considering other reasons. E.g. you can't analyse the same body part more than once. Of course, users curious enough can circumvent this limitation by re-playing the game.

*spoiler follows*: I got the ending IIRC where she determines that the skeleton belongs to somebody else. But she can't make up anything more. That is frustrating for her, as everybody tends to think themselves as special and she found out that after all this effort she still has the same unanswered questions... which don't differ by much of what more mundane people think themselves. 

PS: what car did you use as a model? It kind of reminds me of a SEAT 124