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I might've done all the possible paths in this game, and they rly give good insight into the experiences of a transgender person. Even binary trans ppl can relate, esp in the Male Toilet paths. I think it'd be interesting though to insert one of two choices: A) in the Female Toilet path, you choose if you appear masc or fem or B) in both the Male and Female Toilets, the first time you get to choose if you leave or carry on, there's 3 options (Leave - You want to carry on - You have to carry on). The first one is clear. The nuance about the other two is the following: You want to carry on implies that you are comfortable in the bathroom, just as the original intent. You have to carry on implies that you are not comfortable with this decision but that you would rather go through the dysphoria of it all than to risk subjecting yourself to transphobia if you were to use the other washroom.

Things would go smoothly (as in, no one confronts you because you are viewed as cisgender), but the inner monologue could reveal how painful it actually is. As they leave the bathroom, these thoughts occur: "You let out a shaky breath as you exit the toilet. You can feel your heart hammering in your chest. Your fingers shake. This hurts more and more every single time. You can't continue like this. How long are you going to pretend? How long can you go? Should you just avoid public bathrooms altogether?" Stuff like that.

Not to say I didn't enjoy it at all. It's just a suggestion, take it or leave it. I thought it was great, I spent over 30 minutes playing! Thank you for this, it's very great!!


Hey there, thanks!

I've passed your comment to Nemo and we appreciate the feedback! I'm sure we can expand on the experience to include choices for how you as a player can choose to present yourself for our next project. Agreed that changing a single word can change the whole tone of the scenario!

Thanks again for taking the time to play and write a lovely feedback/comment! :)