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I started a game of this on the train yesterday and am loving it, only on scene 4 at the moment.  One thing I did think about are that there aren't that many prompts which could lead to a repetition of themes in the entries (i.e how many times can the AGENT find a higher purpose or be betrayed by somebody they know etc) however, I am going to carry on and see where things go.

But I think if you did plan on a v2 or an update maybe a deck of cards approach to add variety.

I may end up disagreeing with my own comment here when I go back and finish up so I will come back here later on.

My story so far involves a burnt out agent from the UK beached in Tokyo keeping an eye on the Yakuza in the mid 1980s being contacted by his old colleague who reveals he is a double agent who has discovered a industrialist with ties to both the east and west intends to wipe out both sides of the Cold War so they can take over under a corporate government.