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I MADE THSI ACCOUNT JUST SO I COULD COMMENT THIS LOOKS SO GOOD BUT PUHLEEEEAAAASE dont do this to me..... i will cry endlessly if you dont make henri a serious character hes so fucking cute just please,,,,, and if ANYBODY ELESE WANTS HENRI TO BE A ROUTE STAND WITH ME RIGHT NOW SO WE CAN GET THIS CHILD A ROUTE PLEASE! btw i love your work and yvin was my goals in magical otoge ciel

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Also sad dad is daddy af plz make him a route he a fine thang

Sad Dad Reqieu is definitely getting a route!

Haha, oh, Henri :^)

i , really, hope, you, consider, giving, henri, a, route, im, not, kidding, around, here, seriously, please, consider, it,

I can at least confirm that Henri has a very sweet, heart-to-heart side-route... A route that leaves you thirsting for more Henri :^)

will u ever quench that thirst for Henri ???? 😫😫😫😫