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stand name: Be There For You

stand user: Geoff Jodin


stand stats:

power: A

speed; C

range: B

durability: E

Precision: B

Development Potential: E

Be There For You is a dog alien like stand that has no hands and has an really long tongue, it steals the shadows of other people but in order for it to take their shadow they need to beat that person in a fight, once they achieve this the stand uses their shadow as either a weapon..or is unknown what'll happen with this stand.

shadow-volving: shadow-volving is when Be There For You takes over it's enemy's shadow and then make said enemies shadow fight their enemy.

Be There For You....X?!: this...strange form was created after Geoff tries to kill Be There For You but it backfires and makes Be There For You stronger, giving it a much shorter tongue, making it bigger and giving it the ability to TURN INTO a shadow, Be There For You X "gets rid" of it's user and becomes userless.