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Peculiar, I rebooted the game now (haven't played it since I posted this comment, nor have I rebooted my PC) just to check if I can reproduce the issue with Beton and jack off/toy play. But both work now.
Can't check the Beryllus dialogue though cause I can't trigger the discussion again.

One difference now is that I can no longer get kicked out to the main menu after I do the romance scene. Maybe one of those broke something?
My steps today were to unlock everyone's last romance option for the first time, so after each one I got the credits roll and then back to main menu. Eventually I came to Beton and just got empty text fields and no sprites. Clicked through it and it put me back in the game. Opened his replay scene for the affinity tab and same thing. Then I went to use the toys/jack off for it to be evening so that I can get to the Twins and a few underwear, but I couldn't click on the icon in the bottom right corner. Had to close the game using Alt + F4, but the same thing happened again after a reboot.

Very odd cause now everything seems to work.