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Could not make it work on my 3ds. : -(

do you have twilight menu++ for your 3ds? or did you try doing a dsiware inject?

I tried twilight++, r4i card, nds bootstrapper.

Same here. Tried it on my 2ds with twilight menu and it just loaded a black screen.

Use the FAT Disabled version, and press Y while hovering over it on TWiLightMenu to change it to boot directly

Try to use the FAT disabled version. Worked for me

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use the .nds fat disabled download it worked for my ds and old 3ds i say old 3ds cuz i dont have the new 3ds so idk btw i used nds forwader or somthing to download it on my 3ds

have you tried using homebrew? or did you try to use a ds? try these and let me know if it worked

it works on a DS not a 3DS

do fat disabled

In case anyone's still looking for a 3DS version I've ported it myself  :)