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Hmm, am I missing something? I just started the game, it's raining on the roof, the shovel doesn't do anything, and I've only got 500 yen which isn't enough to buy anything in the shop (except dandelions, which are specifically called out as being a weed, so I assume I don't want them?). Am I going to magically make money tomorrow when the shop opens?

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Dandelions are the starting flower. You do want to buy some and plant them. You then will be able to dig them up once they grow (which auto-sells them) using the shovel. 

Sorry if that description confused you. It was just meant to be a bit cheeky. 


Ahhh, thank you! Yeah I couldn't figure out why there would be a weed for sale, any my rent is like 2100 so I didn't think I could waste any money buying something I couldn't sell. :)


I was in the same boat as you until after a day realizing no money was coming my way. I figured let's just buy one - plant it - see what happens. Much to my surprise when I turned a profit I felt a little silly having not tried it sooner.


totally did the same thing, took me a day and a half to work it out