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(extremely long comment that I have separated into multiple replies to break it up a little, ignore if you aren't interested in a review/my personal thoughts on the game) 


This game is an incredibly unusual experience (/pos)

I (asexual spec) find it incredibly amusing to play these types of nsfw games as I obviously don’t get as,, distracted as other players. Meaning I can focus more on how well the plot is written instead of how sexually appealing the scenes are. 

This is one of the very rare occasions that I can safely say that a game genuinely went past my expectations. Most of it does heavily rely on sexual aspects, however that is completely expected for the type of game that it is, however honestly whatever sexual scenes I’ve encountered were well placed in the plot and didn’t seem shoved in there as much as other nsfw games. The characters are well written and interesting, and seeing the relationships slowly form over the course of the few hours I have been playing is a genuinely fun experience, leading me to care more deeply about what is happening with these characters and how their relationships are evolving. 



On the topic of relationships, I am pleasantly surprised with the way that romantic relationships are written in this. I myself have only done the Damien relationship so far (will update if I replay other ones) and can’t say much for if gay romance falls into any problematic tropes, however from what I can see the relationships are written at least mostly healthy, and whenever I can see the game begin to slip into any unhealthy tropes it seems to (at least to me) be aware of this itself and point that out. The same can be said with the MC’s trauma, both in her parents death and also events that happen in the story that I will not mention in detail here both for the sake of spoilers and also the fact that the events I’m mentioning will likely change depending on your personal playthrough of the game. *I also cannot say if (MILD SPOILER) the scene with the bullies in the ally was written well or not as I chose to run away, which is another point worth mentioning as I do appreciate that the game has an option to avoid that.



There are several darker topics brought up throughout the course of the story, and although I do wish that there was perhaps a skip button or CW for when those types of things happen, I genuinely am pleasantly surprised with the way the game handled it and the way it doesn’t normalize or sexualize these events. I also do understand that the game is not finished yet and these things may be added in the future, but even if they are not just the fact alone that these events are not used as a joke and are treated, at least for the most part, as the serious events that they are is a breath of fresh air for the type of game that this is. 

I haven’t quite finished the entire game yet; however, I felt the need to write this as I went into this expecting another game with little to no story, relying solely on the sexual scenes. What I got instead was a great game that has made me feel for the characters, and even as someone on the acespec not feel that uncomfortable in the more sexual scenes as they were well written