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Hi, I really enjoyed the demo! It has an aura of interesting story oozing without even being finished (haven't read the comic). I think that the only problems would be areas with useless space that are kind of annoying i.e. the place to pick up the computer password (just a long hallway to nothing), the expansive amount of area in the snow dream that is just unused, the well doing nothing (unless I missed an easter egg), and I also believe maybe a little creepy easter egg would be cool in the null dream area because it's just bland and leaves an impression of maybe some weird shit, but is actually nothing. Expanding on this, I think adding something useful to the null door would be good as well (it doesn't really serve a purpose). I also think the combat could be a little quicker paced. The enemies move very slow, and while it shouldn't be Dark Souls it is a bit retarded in mechanics (not a diss, the mechanical term). I encountered an annoying part of facing the double ghosts as well. When you defeat them and they are splitting they can attack you if they split in your direction. Personally I think this is something that ruins the combat of fighting multiple of those in one space.

Overall the story is fascinating, the vibe is intriguing, and the music is fun, but I feel the interface and combat could use a few touch ups, and the area usage could use some work. as @Michael_Laco said as well the hovering aspect in the item menu could be fun as well. Thanks!