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Oh dear, any Dragon Type? Well... The only one that stays pure Dragon Type even in it's final evolution is Axew, which you get via trade. Dratini is a rare find in the Safari Zone, and can be bought from the Game Corner, but upon its final evolution it gets a secondary Flying Type, which makes it take normal damage from the Electric Type, double damage from Rock, and quadruple damage from Ice. Ouch.

Those are the only two I know where to find off the top of my head, unfortunately... I would recommend taking a look at the PokeUE wikia to find the rest.

You can get Latios and Latias which are dragon physic by completing both trainer tower events.

Right, right. And they're Legendaries as well. Certainly viable for use, but I still would say a pure Dragon Type would be best, having only two weaknesses, compared to a type combination, which doubtless adds more.