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Haha, no problem mate, take your time. I myself cannot jump directly onboard in the next weeks, too busy finishing my first game (with PQ), but very eager to learn more about Godot and your project!
PQ is a great engine but I'm not that fond of Unity. This "port" gives Godot a great asset for adventure makers! I know Escoria is a thing now but I'm so much into PQ's workflow and "porting" what I know to a new engine makes everything smoooooth.
Plus it's on Github, which makes contributing simpler ;)

Just keep up the great work, there is space for Popochiu in the indie world!

I'm looking forward to see what you will make with Popochiu. That last sentence almost brought tears to my eyes (from emotion!). Thank you so much for your comments.

And... I finally created the Discord server:

I'll try to keep members informed about daily updates on the Wiki or the development. And of other personal projects (games) I'm working on.