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Hi. I am a consumer of Happy Palace deep web services and purchased your product 'EMULATOR' three weeks ago, and was looking for a refund. Basically I was expecting the product to be an all-in-one software console emulator, but when I put the installer CD in my computer, the disk launched software that compromised my computer and basically made static appear on my screen. Concerned by this, I took the computer to a repair shop that day for a recovery, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Unfortunately, the store recently had an incident, so I'm not able to return the product. Apparently the staff were found dead - stabbed, apparently - and my computer self-combusted in some sort of electrical fire. Notwithstanding this bizarre occurrence I believe your product is maliciously designed to attack and destroy user software and if a $200 refund is not given I will see you in court to repay costs for my computer. Thanks.