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Would love to play this game, but unfortunately I ran into two game-breaking glitches and gave up. First one was near the beginning after the intro, where it wouldn't let me past the dialogue on screen no matter what I clicked or pressed. Once I restarted and got past it, a second glitch populated where, after taking my seat on the plane, the hostess got stuck partway through her walk by me and ended up moonwalking in place, preventing me from continuing. Hopefully these bugs get squashed and I can see what the hype's all about, since I loved the first game :D

Huh, I knew about the first bug and I'm trying to solve it. The second one is quite weird and I'll have a look at it. Sorry for this bad experience but please, try again! I'm sure you'll have better luck next time :)

I'll definitely take a look again soon! Thank you :)