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AWWW thank you so much for your support and the kind words 💖.

If you have some sort of PC at your disposal, you could do the same like the iOS and Android user. Use any cloud system (like dropbox, google drive etc.) to sync the exported file from your Mac to the PC, where PEBI will happily instant-load your changes.

In absolute theory PEBI could run on MacOS (because I use .net 4 and mono runs, in theory, on MacOS).

But since I do not have a Mac at my disposal I can not test if / how / what has to be installed.

The PEBI demo is free so anyone can test it and if someone gets it to run on MacOS I surely will add a how to and needed files to support it!
(With the additional note that I can not test the Mac build on my own but it is tested to work ^^).

We were asked multiple times why we don't port our games to iOS or MacOS (few are on MacOS, some are on Android, none is on iOS) and it is because the cost to buy a Mac and the developer license and so on is too high and we won't make it back.

Just today dropped something that Apple does constantly and as an micro-inide we can not afford that.