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Alpha2 is out now on itch; you can download it directly from your store page or with the itch app — the zip file (whichever way you download it) contains executables for five operating systems, so be sure to navigate to the downloaded directory and delete any you don't need.

Alpha2 Release Notes — 23-10-2018

  • Info/release notes screen added to the first loading screen
  • Autosave system implemented
  • Alcyone now has Objectives, and those Objectives are now exposed to the player
  • Counter now shows how many passages remain in each “page”
  • Hub locations actually work properly when the demo’s end is reached
  • Further visual tweaks
  • Removed the spinning widget from each page and reorganised the appearance & content of the sidebar
  • The Help button actually does something useful now!
  • Kickstarter backers added to the Credits overlay