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I haven't finished running this yet and it's my first time playing Mörk Borg but we are having an absolute blast!

Roach Herder speaks broken and deranged. Big roach, fly, me leave, friend people leave too. Refers to everyone as "people" and friendly PCs as "friend people". My group is loving him. Ran away the first sign of a fight before they managed to track him down again.

They finally encountered the Deadnt and theyre just a couple of bros now "in charge" of the graveyard. And the dynamic with them hating in the weird roach dude in their travels, roach dude happy to find more friend people, and the PCs trying to mediate between them. 

I know they're basically at the end but the roleplay potential had been so spectacular that I'm gonna play them out some more before the final boss. And I can't wait.