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Hey so the game looks really cool, but unfortunately I'm having trouble with the controls. When using a controller, the camera just moves right forever. Additionally using a keyboard is difficult as I use a non-QWERTY keyboard layout. If you could read the keybinds I set in the unity config that opens before the game, that would fix the layout issue (and it should be an easy fix as well). Kudos for the Linux version!


If you were to download the file to your computer normally and open the exe file while holding shift, the unity options pops up! I think that will get you where you need to be. 

The game is ignoring the controls set in unity options

Is the game even maintained anymore? I've gone completely unnoticed for nearly a month. It's a pretty big deal when you can't rebind keys and the controller support doesn't even work :/


As description suggests, this demo wasn't updated since 2012 and I think dev dosn't plan to update it but rather finish the full game