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After fixing a myriad of bugs the final HDRP update for all platforms has been finally released now. No extra devlog as there isn't that much to say.

There is a night mode now and you can fly Starhopper commemorating the third anniversary of its first small hop.

Also some small improvements on the catcher.

A bit of a headache was to get the control panel mouse interaction to work on both Windows and Linux. Apparently, it works slightly different on each system. If you warp the cursor on Linux it also sends a mouse delta event, which it doesn't do on Windows. So when you look at the control panel I center the cursor manually while blocking rotation from the mouse delta for a frame. In that way it also works on Linux mostly. 

In the process I also installed the Linux version of the Unity editor, and it went  pretty smoothly! I could just open the same project which I used before in Windows and work with it right away. Pretty amazing, that we are at this point now with Linux and cross platform operability. And it even was the newest beta version of Unity.

Another annoying problem was performance issues with the volumetric clouds at larger screen resolutions. I had to do quite some profiling until I found all the problems - or rather - had to learn how to profile. After I knew what I was doing, it was quite easy to figure out what was happening :D