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This was a cute and fun little puzzle game. As many have echoed in earlier comments, the controls need a bit of fiddling as even with mouse clicks, the protag doesn't go where she needs to. She doesn't automatically walks towards where you clicked, instead going by a roundabout way. A keyboard and/or controller support for this would be great and eliminate the clunky controls. Another issue I had with the game is the sound effect when the protag jumps down and get cushioned by a balloon. That sound bite is too meme-ish to be used. Perhaps a different "cushioned" sound effect will work better. Lastly, a volume slider would be great, please.

Overall, I enjoyed this game very much, and the puzzles aren't too easy or hard. It takes a bit of thinking, but overall not bad. I'm a bit confused though whether the setting has Japanese or Chinese influence. It certainly carries more Chinese influences, but then the protag's name is clearly Japanese. Maybe it's more of an East Asian vibe with Chinese/Japanese aesthetic. This is mostly me as a South East Asian player speaking. Otherwise, I definitely love this simple and cute game.