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It was more for some bug fixing, game balance, gameplay feedback... Yeah maybe it is modding ? 

It certainly have a good base code for now, like you have the whole gameplay mechanics but names should be changed, assets need to be added for relics, map progression is too much random, tapping on some buttons is sometimes quirky on mobile, for defense card you should not have to drag it to your char... You name it.

I really hope you won't be got down by MegaCrit. I'm really excited about the project, like I searched for slay the spire on mobile and you popped !

But, yeah I can help for coding if needed.

I can fix it all =)

Modding, yes - now it is easy, but hard to manage. Looking for anyone who would like to try it.

I use own assets - so no worries.

Can you write me - discord or email? Lets try to set up and manage git.

Hey Badim,

I'm aware that you can fix it all :D You could open a ticket manager like a redmine, jira or even a trello so we can add some bug reports / improvement request.

Yeah ok for discord, I've added you. I'm Malouf#7407


Join us in RBQ serer: