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Clowderful is a oneshot ttrpg about a community of cats teaching kittens about their neighborhood.

The PDF is 8 pages, with a simple, readable layout and some adorable illustrations.

To play, the group generates a map of nearby households, as well as their attitudes towards cats. Dice and cards are both used, with the dice determining where households are and how much they like cats, and the cards being used to slowly increase or decrease the values on the dice. 

There isn't really a goal here beyond the storytelling---and maybe making the neighborhood slightly nicer for cats to live in. The game ends when the card deck runs out, but there isn't a win or loss condition. You win if you have a good time.

Overall, if you want a cozy, small-scope community building storytelling game in the same sort of style as The Quiet Year, Clowderful is a great cat-themed pick.