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Cute game <<3! I love the concept for a tower defense, like getting wood and the loot of the monsters to build defenses! 

I also really like this cartoon like style, like the 2d in 3d. ♡♡♡

Well I played it already for like 4h (its very addicting! xD) and I gotta say I never died due that the monsters destroyed the town, no they rather just killed me! xD

It would be amazing if u could add like when u die u enter a spectator like mode where u see the view of (ur friends if multiplayer) or from the town. And if (ur friends) or the defenses them selves make it through the wave u get revived?

I played on endless mode and made it to wave 22 lol (mainly because the waves didnt really got harder...

Its a very cute and impressive game I am looking forward in playing the next versions of it! (btw when playing the game even only in the graphics I can see that u put a LOT of effort and heart in to this, good job! ฅ(ミ⚈ ﻌ ⚈ミ)ฅ