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 The trek took a long time but I think we're all the better for it.

The view up here on the hill is gorgeous and I've also already made several observations about the world around our home. The small bio-luminescent mushrooms that speckle the valley between here and home seem like they might get you high but they're just very glowy chanterelles with a slightly sour after-taste. Bizarre sounds can be heard at night; I can't assign them to a single animal, there was a low but long growl and a bug like crackle coming from several sources hiding between the bushes and the trees. I did not care nor dare check what they were. I've also discovered that, weirdly enough, domestic chickens can be found in the wild here. I've befriended two and I'm planning to keep them with me as companions.

Thank to Katie and Zetsaika's providence we've never had a dull moment during the trek (in my headcanon Gregory has crossed over with the Armor and I ship them) and I've already started work on the construction using all the wood and the tools and my now meticulously arranged collection of screws. Hopefully within a short period of time we'll have ourselves and the chickens some cinnamon scented new digs!