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This reminds me of a game my niece was playing.

Except its just complete horror which I personally love since horror is my favorite genre.

The thing that really shocked me was the rat said they will receive $250,000 for every murder.

Overall the game so far is amazing though I did run into a few problems.

When my mouse went too far past the dialog screen It would freeze but that's only an IOS problem, and I don't see a problem with just switching it to the chrome browser.

Another problem is in the middle of the game it sent me back to the menu before getting to the current end of the game. I've watched friends play this before and have seen where the game was intended to end.

The last problem I ran into happens after I get sent back to the menu. Every time I try to reload the current saved game(s) and click 'Load' and press the file I wish to open it just sends me back to the menu again.

I do feel as if the problems correlate to the type of device the user has launched it on though.

Specifically IOS devices of all platforms.

Disregarding the few bugs/glitches I ran into. I really do love the game, you made it easy to read and follow along making this Definitely one of my top ten favorite interactive horror games.

I can't wait for the continued version of this and as my mom likes to say ''がんばり続ける!'' (Keep it up!)