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start by tapping the clock to wake up Geoffrey then flush the toilet. he'll open the door. tap the toilet paper then flush the toilet again. open the window to let the fly out then turn on the lamp that'll get the fly to land on it. Geoffrey will smack over the basket of yarn. then make the fan on top of the shelf face the plant and press the outlet. Spoc the cat that's hiding behind the chair will knock the remote out of the couch. then turn on the tv and press the remote until it shows cake on the tv. the remote looks like a piece of wood. then tap the unrolled ball of yarn. afterwards press the mouse on the counter then press the towel. Geoffrey will knock it into the sink then turn the sink on. on the top shelf there's a bag of fish food and above it is a heart decoration. press the heart and it'll fall into the food bag. then change the channel to the lion roaring  and press the mouse again. feed the fish then turn on the stovetop. then turn the fan on and make it face the cat on the fridge (or Geoffrey).

then what happens happens.

the end-

I already did some of that,but holy-your hands might have hurted by typing all of this-(Thanks!)

Haha my hands are used to this since I'm an artist and I like to write down the story for my comic im working on lol

also I've already typed like 3 paragraphs in the last 10 minutes 

(no flex jus fax)

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I'm also used to writing a lot cause of school and writing the desc's for my games-(I usually make games in the weekends,i don't have school on Thursday.)

Thats cool!

This really helped me. I was about to murder someone

XD I'm glad I could be of some help.