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I got increasingly fed up with this game the more I played it. Whilst some scares are surprisingly effective (particularly ones that make use of stereo sound), it played its best cards way too early.

The fish-eye lens and constant chromatic abberation was a constant annoyance, and whilst I understand what you're trying to do by not letting us call the doctor or go against the floating text prompts, something about it isn't very engaging and made me feel like I was carting this person around to the next bit of story instead of experiencing it all for myself.

The final straw was the part with the green door and the three locks. Having to scramble through a pitch-black maze illuminated only by shambling figures coming to get you sounds like a great set up on paper, but all it amounts to is gathering them up in a conga line near the only safe light source, walking backwards and hoping that you stumble upon a key. Even if you did find a key, there'd be nowhere to get it, since you can't see in front of you until it's too late. I can't stop to draw a map or think about my next move either, since the game doesn't pause at all despite having a menu for it.

This sequence is so terrible that I struggle to beleive that it was made by the same developer as the first 20 minutes.

As for this being an accurate simulation of schizophrenia... I'm not sure. Whilst the essential elements are there, it's not worked into gameplay very well.

Not impressed.