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Ok, this game is obiviously a meme and a joke but i liked it. I liked it because it was fun to play. I think that it is a bad game but that doesn't matter if the game is fun. Also i think that it was obiviously a typical unquality unity game and i would rate the effort 5/10. But because it is fun :/ i must rate it a 7/10 for fun. Also, why do i give it a four? Because it is extremely fricking scary. It is unironically one of the scariest experiences i have ever found in horror games. Why is it scary if it is so bad? Unquality jumpscares are the scariest jumpscares. I got scared the hell out of the SCP sound getting repeat over and over. It is a sound to listen to one time but this game glitched it to repeat it. What are the scariest games? The ones where there is a guy in the same room as you are in. Which are the scariest characters? The ones that are extremely weird and unquality that they become the scariest fricking thing ever. The model in this game has an extremely fricking weird but terrifying color palete. Overall, this game is *SHITE* but it doesn't matter because it is fun and scary. And those are two things that i love in games. Overall, 5/10 for the effort and 7/10 for the feelings while playing this game.