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Hey Miss blue! 

You might want to read the last post of my devlog, some friends helped me to do testing

TL;DR: I am so mastered in my own game (as a player, not as a dev) that I didn't notice how difficult is my game, I definitely need more people testing my game, and it cannot be me or anyone that saw designing my game, and totally those levels cannot be the ones at the demo

Also... conveyance is not as good as I thought, you got lost tons of times, I gotta think about the left door and why you didn't find it

As always, your outcome is very useful and thank you for that! You helped me to detect some bugs (tho I made it insanely difficult without noticing, sorry for that)


Ah that's okay, the game being hard isn't the worst thing ever after all. They're are plenty of difficult games out there though toning it down a touch never hurts. I dunno how much you should change. Some of it was me just being a complete idiot and I could just be the rare fool against all the others who play your game competently. Either way I'm glad you could find the video useful :D