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I know this is unlikely to be seen, but I wanted to know how FAITH affects KNUCKLE UNDER. It says in the stats section it resists it but that is ignored by the three round limit. I also wanted to know what the point of losing Faith dice after a Follow-up is if you just regain it at the end of your turn.

Ah, good catch! That bit under Faith is leftover wording from an earlier draft and it's kinda misrepresenting what Faith does.

Faith allows you to avoid tagging out during your turn in the Beatdown. Basically, every time you Follow Up you roll Faith, and on a success you lose -1 Faith and can take another action.

Sorry for the trouble. I'll get an updated version posted by end of day. 

It's fixed! The game's download has been switched to the patched version.

Thank you for spotting that!

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm prepping to run this tomorrow for some buddies.

No worries!