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I had no clue what to do. Had to read comments to find out what to do. Didn't even realize those blocks were computers to enter a code into.  The wires were annoying. Then I still had no clue how to proceed so I came back to comments and found code. Then still couldn't figure out what to do until I guessed you had to press v to enter a code at each station, enter a code by pressing right or left and then pressing b when the correct symbol is up to lock it in. Do this on each computer. Then go press the button near the saw and hope you got it right (or read comments for the code). There is no hint that I could find to even help with the code. I can't tell you how many times I clicked the button then went to shooting the enemies that popped up only to wonder what next. The underlying premise of the game is there, but the implementation needs some work. I also fail to see how it fits the theme. Sorry, this game just wasn't much fun, but it could have been...