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Halfway through a play-through of this, and I'm enjoying it as a sort of choose-your-own-adventure / writing prompt. Two comments though -

(1) It would be super helpful to include at least a brief description of what the 'ancient elements' refer to. I've had to do a lot of side-reading about alchemy to work out what my items actually are or could be. E.g. Antimony is a lustrous grey metalloid, also known as kohl. There's room for some great flavour-text there, and I presume the alchemical references are intentional, so it would be awesome to see them in the game text itself.

(2) Along the same lines, it might be useful to either genericise the Arcane Artefacts, or give something more about them. For example (and this was not in fact the item I rolled) Zj's Crest sounds very specific, like something I could draw into my journalling, but there is no mythological/historical/fictional reference (that I can find) for it, so I guess it's meant to be an in-game creative prompt? I would have preferred something like 'Crest of the Empty Ones' for that sort of prompt.