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Great game, 7/10,  great graphics and good artstyle. I enjoy the design and how what we saw actually felt like its own world, thanks to the design of it. The gameplay and mechanics are INSANELY good, I had almost no issues with any of the mechanics, but I'll get to that. Characters were consistent and the idea behind the world was good and promising.

My small complaint about the mechanics: I wish that there was a way to contradict a statement with what another suspect has said about said statement. Like in case 3, I had no idea for a good 10 minutes how to contradict someone being at one place, when my only evidence was what someone else had said that they were not, in fact, at that place at that point in time. Maybe a submenu of testimonies suspects have given when asked about stuff that can be used as question material? That could also be introduced in a case later than the first one, so that the tutorial case doesn't get too heavy and overwhelming, leading to my second issue:

The length. I know this isn't a huge game studio, but for a price of 20$ outside of bundles I'd expect more than 2-3h of gameplay with 3 cases (only one of them being genuinely enjoyable) and a small worldbuilding montage that leaves much to be desired.

I think that the only thing that is missing from this game for it to be really good is more length. 

With more cases like the second one, that left you to your own devices and not trying to figure out the game inmidst a tutorial section or working towards a close end

-- SPOILER FOR CASE 3 !!! --

As the player you have about 1 case to actually get familiar with Vergil, so his "betrayal" doesn't nearly hit as hard as it was intended to. This could just be fixed with more cases and MAYBE having parts where you discuss stuff with Vergil to get his insight, maybe even talking to him outside of cases to establish a connection. I did like how he gave you little hints in the first two cases to help you out just enough when stuck, without it being too obvious. As of right now, he's... there. And it makes sense for Ada to trust him and have a connection with him, but as the player we are supposed to be Ada and feel connected to her feelings, which we just don't, when we barely have any connection to Vergil.


Case 3 is also good in itself, but doesn't feel like the finale it's clearly meant to be, because we had about 10 minutes of the game actually establish what we're even working for, so we have no excitement to finish this. While working towards the end, there's no want to get to the bottom of this, opposite actually, there's a want to work more in this world, to not have it end just yet when we've found our place.

Almost all of the info about the setting is given to us in the epilogue or our conversation with the final daemon, which I kind of find is wasted potential. We have no idea how the world works, only telling us after the entire game isn't going to have a player be more interested, it is actually kind of boring. I have no idea what I'm working towards or what I'm even working for, I only know I'm some religious woman working as an exorcist who despises the demons she's fighting against. What are the reasons we as the player are supposed to adapt those reasons? We have a faint understanding of Ada after the information given in the epilogue, but that's clearly not enough.

Said thing about not connecting with the world is my biggest complaint (which could've been fixed with more cases and playtime), which I've also seen mentioned in other comments. 

If this game had a crowdfunding resource, I'd happily donate and encourage others to do the same to have those length complaints fixed. This game could easily be a 9/10, hell, even a 10/10 for me, and all of my complaints are on a high level. This game is already good, but this is how, in my opinion, it could be even better. If others disagree, which they are of course allowed to, I'd love to hear your reasoning on it!