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First of all, I just want to say Plot 16 haunted me for hours until I finally got a solution to it.

Secondly, this was a wonderfully made game, I enjoyed a lot of it, though I do feel Plot 9 is a little too harsh of a difficulty spike. That's the only complaint I can really think of.
The art style was charming, the mechanics were simple enough to grasp quickly but complex enough to provide some fairly tricky puzzles. The puns were good too, I love a good pun.

Thank you for the kind words and specific feedback about difficulty Erirkain. Plot 9 was designed to be a hurdle to overcome, but it looks like it is doing its job too much too early - this will definitely be a plot to revisit in the future. Sorry for the haunting of 16, but I hope you enjoyed the satisfaction of an 'aha!' moment on finally finding the solution. Kudos on your perseverance!