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Hi! I'm Sal, I wrote all the code and I co-wrote the story with KJ, the artist on the project.

Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot. As for taking a risk on big intellectual properties: yeah, it is scary. I honestly don't know if I'd do it again. It was easy to take this risk with Overwatch because of how explicitly supportive Blizzard has been of fan works. Making a fan game of a game is iffy, because that's when things can get a little risky. Our approach was this: we didn't use any in game assets that weren't being used in already big fan works; we did not make the game the same genre as Overwatch, making a VN of a VN, for example, is probably gonna draw bad attention; and we did not charge any money for our fan work. That being said, I'm just a programmer, and by no means super informed on any of this legal stuff, so a lot of it was us hoping for the best. Hope that's helpful?

P.S. We, too, are glad someone has finally been brave enough to allow everyone to date Junkrat.