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Hi Iseph! Thank you very much for the thoughts!
The images uploaded actually weren't finished, but, as a great example, the bottom left picture was Ader being "dumbfounded/clueless", so you can see how the old pic didn't represent that image very well, haha!

The update will be ready either late this week or early next, depending on when I can finish all the art + finish directing and editing the voice acting that needs to be rerecorded since there was a recast of Ader's VA. I will not be adding a way to toggle old art as it simply does not fit the story that I set out to tell, and I want people to really understand so (especially given that some went as far as to harass me for it on social media! Better cut the cord with all that.)

Ader's arms are comically oversized on purpose, since he's supposed to look like he has shovels for hands! The point is that he lost a lot of weight due to an ongoing famine in the city where they live, so he starts out in a worsened state (playing through chapter 2 you'll see flashbacks of how he looked in the past). Sep's arms hadn't quite been shaded in the image presented above.

Thanks a lot once more!