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Hey, I'm trying to run this game in Ubuntu 18.04 and the game wouldn't start and I got the following output in the terminal:

(electron) loadUrl is deprecated. Use loadURL instead.

I was really looking forward to trying this game out. I hope you can get this sorted out. If not, I'd like a refund.

Also, the 64 bit version has several 32 bit dependencies. It was fine once I installed the 32 bit packages, but I thought you'd like to know. Thanks for your time!


Hello, I will check this out. In the meantime the web version should work fine if you download it, uncompress it and open the index.html file in the browser of your choice.

I noticed the web version version shortly after posting and I was wondering how to play it. I've never encountered a game like that so I wasn't sure how to. It seems the web version is working fine, so I'll be able to play it. Keep me updated on if you get the Linux version updated because I'd like to play it natively in Linux. So I'll be holding off to see if you get it sorted it out, but I'll happily play the web version otherwise. The artwork is fantastic, btw! Thanks for the help!