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I was going to make a video for this, and aftder playing it, something told me not to. First off let me start with abreviating Schizophrenia by putting (S) because I have a lot to say. First off this is amazing. I myself dont have S however i've heard stories from friends of friends and so on. I know how hard it is for people to deal with S and that sometimes people without this condition brush it under the rug. I did a huge report on this in my college days and I seriously cannot say anything bad about this walkthrough (other than I couldn't get the code for the safe but thats beside the point. There are 2 endings.) 

Anyway, walking through this game it put into perspective of how lost I was especially at the point with the keys. Now I'm not sure if im missing something but for some reason that took me forever to find those keys, which in hindsight was probably part of the game, or i'm just bad at games. Either way this really makes you think. This is serious and this game does dive deep into the condition. I felt the emotions while playing. I had chills. I enjoyed this a lot. 

This is a great introduction to another person's mindset and is a serious condition. I've never written so much on an Itch comment before but to be honest, people need to play this game just to even get an idea about S and the effect it can have on people. 

Very great job devs.