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I played eve briefly. What an incredible game! I had a spaceship and noticed that the prices of things were different in different systems. I would roll around secure space in my space truck, picking up cheap supplies in one star system and selling them in the next. Every so often I would have saved enough to buy a bigger space truck. How is it that something as mundane and banal as arbitrage and trucking kept me so fascinated for such a long time? 

My community story comes from the minecraft server I played on in 2010. One day a friend invited some friends to play on the server, and they were fine folk but their builds were tasteless. Floating Tetris blocks in the town square etc... My closest friends all met at the coffee shop and together we planned our escape from inconsistent, physically impossible builds. Some suggested we just ban them; some said we should leave and start a new server. I said no! We'll go east! Minecraft worlds are huge, so we just all travelled overland for 40,000 blocks and started a new world free of dumb builds! We lived there in a thematically consistent Aladdin inspired town for months to come... Until the introduction of beds created an ideological schism (a story for another time).