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Started up the game, got the guy standing on a blank screen.  Left mouse button brought up the canvas, but nothing happened as I moved the mouse, even when pressing keys.  WASD did work outside of canvas mode, but again, blank screen.  Moving the mouse wildly gave me glimpses of scenery at the edge of the screen, but the screen returned to blank afterward.

Tried "experimental" feature from the main menu.  That got me scenery.  LMB entered canvas mode, moving the mouse while holding Q had a destructive effect on some rocks, but the game completely locked up as I was on the verge of making a pillar explode.  "Close Window" from the taskbar did nothing, had to use Task Manager to kill the process.



We're very sorry for this bad experience, the game is designed to be played with a game controller, and the tutorial isn't working for a keyboard user.

You should still be able to play the game correctly though with those inputs:

LMBOpen/Close Canvas
QErase (if canvas is open)
Paint (if canvas is open)
ShiftPurify (near corruption)

The blank screen at the beginning of the game is meant to be this way, you have to figure out on your own what to do 

The experimental is well... experimental and requires a lot of processing power from the computer so it may cause some crash, we would advise you not to use it if it crashes.

Let us know if you succeeded! 

The Líff Team.


Thanks.  This did help.