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Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate the support and thank you for reading this story that I worked so hard to try to make to become true :)


I get you. It is actually a thing a lot of people have commented. It is sad but I think it is appropriate to fully give this bitter feeling to the end of the story. I have actually thought about making a "definitive" edition of the novel after a lot of people asked me for it with better backgrounds and actually putting some money into it (this has been made with the smallest of budgets, never thought people would even download that much in the first place). This way I could offer a bit of "fanservice" and add these extra routes and fill some of your requests. But I'm currently 100% busy with my new novel Lotus Reverie so that will have to wait to be honest. I'll keep it in mind though!


A what!!??? Another novel!!!!!! Oh man. Wow. You sure are amazing Keinart. Just to make it 100% clear, it's not really me complaining or criticizing. I understand and agree with your creative choice since it makes for an impactful ending. It's really just me wanting more since you did such an amazing job of your game and characters and just wow. I'm sure that's what all of us fans think. Our complaints of wanting more go to show how attached we got to the characters, which you can count as a huge plus. But I mean........ If you're making another novel, that can definitely wait. I'm extremely hyped to see what's coming next. No pressure lol. You do you man. I hope that even more people are able to play your second game. If you need some sort of beta tester or something I'd be glad to help too. (Although it'd be more like the opinion of an amateur since I'm not so computer-savvy lol) Take care Keinart!!

Haha thank you very much. Yes I appreciate the comments really, I try to never take it as something negative, the opposite, just the fact you guys put this tome to comment and talk to me means you really liked it and it is a true honor for me.

I may open beta testing too soon in fact, just finishing the demo of the new game (well, it is more like a short introductory chapter).  I want to give around a private beta first for only a few players then I'll make it public. You'll find out in the website if you register to receive emails or follow any of the accounts: twitter, tumblr, facebook, discord.

Sorry for transforming this in a shameless self-plug but I'm working really hard for this new novel :P


Lol no problem man. I'm already following Lotus Reverie on Twitter and Discord and I'm subscribed. I'm looking forward to what comes next and I'm sure your hard work will pay off.  Buena Suerte Keinart! I don't know how you find time to reply to our comments but you really are amazing for doing so. Stay safe my man.