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I really like the game but there are a few things that I suggest that you guys work on and patch them.

1. Most important, the game feels too easy. The battles are not very rewarding and because you always get HP after killing an enemy, it is almost impossible to die.

2. Overall the game feels a little laggy, Idk what engine you guys use but the animations in general feel a bit laggy. It makes harder to time things during battle, like parrying.

3. The physics mechanic feel a little unpolished. Jumping does not feel natural. Some collisions do not work as intended. Idk how to explain but overall physics feel a bit unpolished.

4. In some places because of the shape of the platform the character feet do not touch ground and he appears to be flying. That again is something that feels unpolished.

5. Sometimes I jumped too early to dodge an attack and was supposed to be hit by the enemy, but It said that I dodged it.

The game has a lot of potential, but it needs more polishing and be harder. Maybe add modes with harder difficulties, or tweak the game so it feels challenging and not just a walking simulator.

I hope the game succeeds so you guys can work on a sequel!