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Hey there, thanks for playing!

Regarding controls: they're intentionally set up this way to explore a purely isometric control scheme. I did not allow cardinal movement as it did not feel good to play/look at without dedicated animations (and I confess I had no time or energy for those).

I'm sadly aware of the broken transparency effect in places - did not have time to thoroughly test the last minute changes that resulted in those, sorry! Due to the nature of this project, I won't update it and it will stand "as is" as a testament of what was made (mistakes included) in the short development span alloted.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, it was a last-minute spur of the moment change!

The monologues are unfortunately not "bugged", and are rather designed to skip/go away if you walk away from their initiation space. The intention was for players to stand and read, instead of keep walking - obviously, that failed for some, but the display system itself it built around that very principle, so queues/freezes would unfortunately not alleviate the issue. Something to keep in mind if I explore a similar concept in the future, though I'd probably simply approach "text display" in a whole different way altogether.

I wholly understand the desire to interact with the mouse, and it's one of the things I wish I had time/knowledge to implement when making it. Sadly, this game was built in a "rediscovering/coming back into gamedev" mindset after a long period of... not so, and I did not know how to implement such a control scheme. Thankfully, I have since explored that very idea, so in the future, I should be able to offer something to that effect!