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@social krystal Thanks for downloading and playing! I believe that if you are trying to run the game on windows, sometimes it prompts you with a security window. With which just click more info, then run anyway. If your problem still continues let me know!

@NotSpaghettiGames Thanks! It worked! Btw, I have some questions for you

1. How did you do this with Unity? :0

2. Can we become friends :3

Thats all, waiting forward to your reply! :D

@social Krystal We did this with Unity very carefully, with extensive amounts of planning, managing, and discussion before the Game Jam, but more during.  We had three people on our team, splitting up different components of the work between us. We had one person mainly modeling, however all three of us modeled some things. The other two people of our team worked on programming different mechanics.

And Yes we can be friends :)

yay :D

do you have discord? we could chit chat there :3

you can join our community discord here