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Thanks for the feedback!

-Annoying catapults:
In the next update catapults will move and shoot slower while in combat. They will also only show up on boss waves. Should make them less annoying.

-Clogged map and upgrades to buildings:
Housing can currently be upgraded (hovel->house->large house).
I did not include upgrades to production buildings as I wanted the building portion of the game to play like a puzzle game where usage of limited space must be considered. making buildings upgradeable would sort of remove this element of the game (just upgrade buildings and not worry about space). I will consider it though.

-Getting attacked from multiple angles:
I'm aware of the inbalanced difficulty from RNG of getting attacked from multiple directions.
Making all enemies attack from a single direction will heavily reduce the amount of strategy and tactics required to defend against waves (just send all troops to one direction to fight every attack wave). I will think of a way to balance this.

-Heroes feeling more unique and dying to stunlock:
I will consider modifying the abilities of the heroes to make them more unique.

In previous versions of the game, heroes were attached to units and only died when the unit died. If a hero lost all health, then they would be momentarily "knocked out" and would get back up when their health recovered. Unfortunately, this made for very jarring "sudden deaths" when the unit a hero was attached to died. To fix this, I made the heroes separate units. Now they will only die when health is depleted. This does make heroes much more vulnerable and required additional micromanagement to keep them alive. Maybe giving them more health will help. I will consider.

-More in depth leveling/veterancy:
I want to keep the leveling system simple. A elite unit with 30% bonus damage and damage resistance is very strong!

-15+ wave games:
Next version of the game will have 18 waves and a new boss.