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some post-Jam comments from the composer :)

I think we can sum it up by saying that there's a lot of mismatch for both of us - I think my music didnt quite fit that well and also the different sections and sounds dont quite make sense together yet. Similarly I think the art assets are awesome and probably my favourite part about the game as a whole, but theres something about the 2d/3d combination that feels a bit weird. Maybe if it had a kind of pop-up book animation style, like the towers lifting up from the 'page', that could bring the style to life. The strategy and balancing of the gameplay would need work if we wanted to continue with it, but the core mechanics are solid and it looks like the groundwork is all there to potentially expand the game and make it really fun.

I would have liked to make "cutscene" music of some kind for the little bit at the start, and maybe menu music if we got there, as well as maybe contributing with some improved sound effects - though the current ones are cool and I'm a fan of the humorous 'homemade' style, which is often my go-to as well.

Overall, i think this reflects the opening stages of a promising game, with some lacking and some impressive elements to it.