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I've ran strace without firejail sandbox and the two last strings are:

--- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0x10} ---
+++ killed by SIGSEGV (core dumped) +++

The itch's cave*.txt log has this strings about it:

user/.config/itch/apps/WAVE FOR ME/WaveForMe_ItchIO_Data/data.unity3d`, using local filesystem
[2018-09-15 @ 07:49:45.120] [launch] error while launching 44295e5c-ffb3-4412-bf6e-23ece4c1e272: killed by signal SIGSEGV
[2018-09-15 @ 07:49:45.131] [launch] crashed with killed by signal SIGSEGV
[2018-09-15 @ 07:49:45.131] [launch] killed by signal SIGSEGV
[2018-09-15 @ 07:49:45.133] [diego] diego here, looking around

I use 64-bit version of Lubuntu, maybe this is the source of the "problem". I wouldn't burrow too deep in it, because the program is fully functionable anyway. But we need a FullHD monitor to play. My monitor is 1680x1050 so I can see the most of the window. And probably I can use compize function to resize the window. I still haven't try it. Thank you for the cute and free game.