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Thanks for you kind words.

I first learned programming in Turbo/Power Basic for DOS. `SCREEN 13` was what I knew how to do, so it made sense to me to try using it again. ^_^ I made this game in a few weeks (Jan. 2017), and before that it had been many year since I did anything in DOS, and I have not done anything since. My process is 100% not ideal, but I can walk you through the environment I set up. I'm assuming you found the source code, but my build scripts are not in there. At first I was happy using Turbo C 2.01, for nostalgia. After a while it got to me though, and I had to switch to Sublime Text (my preferred editor), I kept using Turbo C as the compiler though, this gist should give you everything you need for that (the bottom of 'dosbox-0.74.conf.txt' has the code to invoke the compiler, and run the game from in DOS).

Turbo C 2.01 is not ANSI compliant, and only runs in DOS; if I were to start over I seriously look at using DJGPP (a port of GCC to compile DOS executable).

Thank you again for you interest, and I hope you end up making something! If you have any more questions my email is: I probably cannot be too much help though, since the project was so short, and a while ago. ^_^