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that's great, glad to know you're keeping hard at it! by chance do you (or whoever you're working with? are you doing this solo?) have a discord or contact i can keep in touch with?

That would be great the other person i am working with kinda stopped and it's solo from here actually. I need help with the art assets because i'm not to particularly good with that sort of stuff i'm decent-ish. And as far as the music assets and stuff i can take care of that when that time comes around. 

ahh okay got it! concerning music actually, have you tried contacting trass? they're the person who made the original bily ost and they appear to still be active. maybe they'll let you use the unused music (though this can definitely be done later because game matters more than tunes, ultimately)

Super late to the party just wondering  if yall are still doing it cause if you are im glad this game is still getting attention